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Preston can help you transform 


Sometimes it’s best to take an hour or two to relax before the commotion of a big event starts. You can do just that with a special event package from Preston. For a wedding, prom, or any other big occasion, Preston can help you look your best. Anything from hair and make-up to spa treatment and massage. Just call us to schedule, and we’ll have you relaxed, confident and looking beautiful.

Make-up Application
For any occasion, or a special event. Our professional artist will have you walking down the runway or the wedding aisle looking fabulous, darling. 

Make-up Lesson
Looking for a new routine? Just want to change things up? Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask: Take a lesson from our artist to give yourself a new look.


Eyelash Tint 
Whether you want to darken light lashes – or avoid wearing mascara entirely – you can experience a stunning eyelash tint that will last 3-4 weeks. 

Lash Extensions

Consultation Required

Call for details on products and pricing!



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