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Maybe you’re due for some gorgeous curls. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try straighter hair. We love to do it all!

With our stylists’ variety of talents, we can give you just the texture you’re looking for.

Treatment price depends on length and thickness of your hair.  

Formaldehyde Free Keratin Smoothing System
Call for a free consultation.

Perms aren’t just for people who want tight curls. They’re also a great way to add body and texture to fine, limp hair. Or transform yourself with loose, flowing waves or classic, corkscrew curls. 

Thermal Reconditioning/

Japanese Hair Straightening
Want a complete hair makeover? This method straightens hair of any grade or type, with results lasting up to a year. Using a series of treatments, our stylists will retexture your hair, leaving it sleek, shiny and bone-straight. It's a very popular hair treatment around the world, but Preston is one of the few St. Louis salons offering these amazing results.  

*Prices vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

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