Proven prolonged color retention up to 22 washes. Instantly locks in color, intensifies color brilliance, and provides regenerative care.


Deep regenerating service in seconds. Provides ultimate shine and protects against mechanical damages and heat.


Proven prolonged color retention up to 22 washes. Instantly locks in color. Intensifies color brilliance and provides color specific care.



A simple three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.


Restore years of damage from long-term hair coloring or other demanding chemical processes, featuring breakthrough technology that gives damaged hair a second life. This regimen is perfect for anyone with over-processed, brittle, and severely damaged hair who wants to regain strength, renew and reconstruct their hair.

Our nourishing solution for all levels of dry hair looking for nourishment is designed to make hair supple and irresistibly soft to the touch. For dry hair to the most severely dry hair, this hair care collection targets dry symptoms to replenish and restore the hair’s surface. This regimen is perfect for anyone who wants to restore hair’s nutrition to leave hair feeling soft and silky.

Experience a masterpiece of formulation for total hair and scalp renewal with our most luxurious hair care collection, featuring the highest concentration of the unique and exceptionally rare abyssine for unrivaled scalp regeneration. This regimen is perfect for all hair types who want their hair feeling nourished, regenerated and light with a soft, velvety touch.

Discipline - Maskeratine
Discipline your unruly hair to achieve smooth or define your naturally curly hair for shape with our Discipline hair care collection. This regimen is perfect for anyone with unruly hair or curly hair who wants to perfectly tame their hair or define curls, leaving hair lightweight with unparalleled fluidity and movement.

For dry, sensitized hair, Aqua-Oleum is carefully sprayed and massaged into the hair to nourish it, leaving it shiny, silky, light and smooth. Great for after color treatment to rebalance your hair.

For extremely dry, sensitive hair, Oleo-Fusion’s penetrating treatment infuses Nutri-Huile and Ionium technology to give your hair lasting shine, silkiness and anti-drying protection. 

Vita Ciment
For weak, damaged hair, the fortifying Vita-Ciment is sprayed and massaged into your hair to instantly strengthen it and leaving it feeling more substantial, shiny and easy to detangle.

Age Recharge
The ultimate treatment for brittle, devitalized hair, the Age Recharge reinforces and strengthens the hair fiber with euphora extract and silicone derivatives, and protects it with Vitamin E. 

For luminizing and protecting color-treated hair. This advanced treatment combines two innovative Kérastase technologies to ensure lasting radiance, shine and protection against fading. 

Chroma Masque
To restore the radiance to color-treated, sensitized hair. This treatment is massaged into clean, towel-dried hair to restore the fibers and create a perfectly smooth surface that gives your color a mirror-like radiance.

For very dry, sensitized hair, this deep-conditioning masque is applied to the hair section by section. The relaxing massage application provides a penetrating treatment to restore your hair’s shine and leave it smooth and silky. 

Life is hard for hair – particularly in St. Louis.

Through daily activity and changing weather, we put it through a lot. But with the right care and products, we can keep it healthy and beautiful. Preston has been at it since 1980, testing and applying the best and most exclusive products and introducing them to the St. Louis area. When you enter Preston Salon Spa, we’ll assess your needs and tailor a treatment using the products that are right for you.



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